Albada Social and Health Center

Organizational structure




  • Providing quality, comprehensive, personalized and personalized healthcare to the population in our area of ​​reference, with prioritization criteria based on health problems and ensuring sustainability.
  • Integrating ethics and incorporating the values ​​of the patient and his environment into clinical decision-making.
  • Acting transversally with the Hospital de Sabadell and Parc Taul Primary Care, and highlighting the added value of healthcare and at all levels of care.


  • To be a leading healthcare center recognized and recognized in its environment for the excellence of its professionals and its high level of quality of care.

Our values

Care Commission of Albada Sociosanitary Center

Care Commission of Albada Sociosanitary Center

Joana Barrio Medina
Nursing Team Coordination

Rocío Cebrián Rubio
Care and Transversal Services Management

Núria Collell Domènech
Head of Nursing Team Area

Ester Cortés Daza
Head of Social Work and Volunteering

Carmen Diaz Fernandez
Quality Management

Mónica Gómez Valent
Direction of the Pharmacy Service

Montserrat López Postigo
Nursing Team Coordination

Marc Moreno Ariño
Directorate of the Geriatrics Service. Management of the Intermediate Care Area.

Carme Pujol Núñez
Technical Secretariat

Maria Reventós Gil de Biedma
Attached to general management

Lidia Ribera Barberán
Nursing Team Coordination

Noemí Obregón Gutiérrez
Nursing Team Management

Teresa Ribot Berenguer
Palliation Coordination - PADES