From left to right: Albert Salles Vancell, CEO of Seys, Jordi Buisan Marina, CEO of BeHit, and Lluís Blanch Torra, director of Research and Innovation at Parc Taulí

NephroCloud, a software developed by Parc Taulí in collaboration with Seys, will be marketed by BeHit

NephroCloud, a software developed by Parc Taulí in collaboration with Seys, will be marketed by BeHit 1024 768 marmenteros

An agreement has recently been reached with the BeHit company to market Nephrocloud, a vascular access management software resulting from a collaboration between Dr. José Ibeas, a practitioner of the Nephrology Service of the Parc Taulí, and the company Seys, with the support of the professionals of the Innovation Unit of the Parc Taulí Foundation.

NephroCloud is a software aimed at nephrology, surgery, radiology and nursing professionals that allows them to access and easily manage all the information related to the patient's vascular access in hemodialysis.

This system centralizes, interrelates and processes data on vascular access in patients on hemodialysis for advanced renal failure. It records the priority information and sorts it in a prioritized manner for the various professionals involved.

In the words of Dr. José Ibeas, NephroCloud "serves both to hierarchize information in decision-making and to audit results" and adds that its potential lies in the fact that "quick accessibility from the cloud facilitates work in real time, in an automated way. and from different healthcare structures, whether inside or outside a hospital. "

NephroCloud, developed by Parc Taulí and Seys ICT experts, collects all clinical, analytical and imaging information generated by professionals in the database, and also records the devices they use.

The algorithms then organize the intervention lists, and that's when the smart system makes its final contribution: acting as an assistant in the decision-making processes of physicians and health care professionals. Its commercialization will allow the nephrology departments and hemodialysis units to have a tool that will increase their efficiency thanks to an optimization in the management of the resources.

Thanks to the anonymity of patient data, NephroCloud also opens up an immense field for both teaching and research.

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