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The I3PT Biobank is created during 2019 the close collaboration between the Institute and various services of the Parc Taulí Hospital. It is a support platform for researchers that aims to centralize collections of biological samples used in research.


Biobank's mission is to develop itself as a provider of biological material for research, by both I3PT researchers and external researchers, with the guarantee that the biological material and associated clinical data are of high quality , within the framework of the regulations specified in the Spanish Law of Biobanks.

Scientific director

  • Eduard Monsó Molas


  • Nestor Albiñana Giménez

Responsible for Quality

  • Hope Mancebo Gilabert

Health care manager of the Tissue Bank

  • Joan Carles Ferreres Piñas, head of the Pathological Anatomy Service of the CSPT.

Care manager for the Fluid Bank

  • Montserrat Torra Puig, Director of the CSPT Laboratory Service.


  • Mª Jesús Arranz, Head of the Mutual Research Laboratory of Terrassa.


  • Neus Baena, Researcher of the Intellectual Disability Group associated with psychiatric disorders of genetic origin and Angelman's Syndrome of I3PT.


  • Fina Climent, Head of Unit of the Biobank HUB-ICO-IDIBELL.
  • Josep Santaló, Professor of the department. of Cell Biology at the UAB.
  • Surplus diagnostic samples from the Pathological Anatomy Service of Parc Taulí Hospital. Tumor and non-tumor, frozen and / or contained in paraffin.
  • Collection of MESOCAT Mesothelioma samples
  • Collection of rheumatological disease samples
  • Sample collection of lung diseases
  • Collection of Endocrine Disease Samples

To request samples from the Biobank I3PT follow the following procedure:

  1. Contact to request availability and advice:
  2. You will need to complete the application form biological samples and mail it to you including the following documentation
    • Report of the project for which the samples are requested
    • Home Ethics Committee Report
    • Principal Investigator's CV
  3. Evaluation. The application will be evaluated by the External Scientific Committee, the Clinical Research Ethics Committee of the CSPT and the Biobank Scientific Direction.
  4. La resolution it will be notified to the applicant and the sample transfer agreement will be signed, including the commitments that the applicant must accept and the shipping and billing details.

Researchers who are required to submit biological samples for a project are encouraged to contact Biobank before submitting a public call for availability. The Biobank will issue a Sample Availability Report.

Contact a new collection of biological samples for advice.

The Biobank I3PT also offers biological sample processing and storage services for collections and projects outside the Biobank structure. To request this service, please contact


Parc Taulí Foundation
Parc Taulí, 1
Santa Fe building, ground floor, Research Area
08208 Sabadell