AGAUR research groups

Research groups recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya SGR 2014-2016

Resolution: May 7, 2014

Coordinator: Lluís Blanch Torra
Group Name: Translational research in pathophysiology associated with the patient critics
File: 2014 SGR 1320

Coordinator: Xavier Calvet Calvo
Group Name: Gastrointestinal Inflammation and Hepatic Disease Research Group
File: 2014 SGR 650

Coordinator: Eduard Monzó Molas
Group Name: Interinstitutional Research Group on Metropolitan Respiratory Diseases North of Barcelona: RESPINORD-BCN
File: 2014 SGR 801

Coordinator: Diego Palao Vidal
Group Name: e = Mental Health, prevention and epidemiology in neuropsychiatric illnesses
Expendiant: 2014 SG 1462

Coordinator: Ferran Segura Door
Group Name: Zoonosis and HIV Study Group
File: 2014 SGR 165