Technology supply

Products, technologies or know-how owned by Parc Taulí and clinically validated, which need to be commercialized to reach society, either through operating and / or distribution licenses, or through technology transfer agreements.

tAby Diagnostics

We are looking for: licensees and investors

Taby Diagnostics is a project in the transfer phase, in which a technology has been developed that allows to increase the sensitivity of in vitro diagnostic test of different types of cancer. Through structural modification of tumor-associated antigens, Taby technology enables the detection of autoantibodies in serum of patients. So far this technology has been tested in patients with cirrhosis, in which the concentration of auto-antibodies to alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) was measured, so that those who were developing cancer could be diagnosed early. liver. The results show a test sensitivity of 100% and a specificity of 94%, thus doubling the sensitivity of the screening methods currently used in this type of patient.

Safety Hug

We are looking for: investors, CEO, citizen collaboration

Safety Hug is an innovative patient management system in containment that is able to objectively monitor its level of agitation. The aim of the project is to guarantee the security and the proportionality of the containment measures, dignifying the treatment to the patient and accelerating their release. The project currently has a functional prototype, consisting of a sensor that records physiological parameters and software that analyzes them. This information is graphically represented by an app accessible to healthcare staff, who can monitor the patient's activity in real time and at any point in the hospital. The technology integrates a tracking function that records face-to-face supervision times, and an innovative scale of objective parameter-based agitation that facilitates clinical decision-making.

Anais Medical

We are looking for: licensees, distributors, investors

Anais Medical is the result of more than 30 years of experience in training vascular access techniques. This project arose from the need to bring medical simulation closer to reality through models and simulators that allow training in invasive procedures. We use proprietary technology to provide more realistic models, in which all anatomical components and layers resemble humans. Anais Medical has developed three different simulation models to improve the skills of clinical experts in different fields, such as nephrology, surgery, radiology or nursing. Specifically, we have developed models to train the creation of arteriovenous fistulas, to reproduce endovascular interventions, and to train punctures.