COVID-19: Download and request of 3D material


The 3D Laboratory of the Parc Taulí joins the Networking initiative to make the 3D community available for the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 pandemic eradication. As an expert center for 3D printing medical application, a clinical utility validation of the pieces has been performed and the 3D community is made available to the catalog with the technical design parameters, material requirements and printing parameters. Also, they are available to download the STL files of each validated piece. The companies can download the designs, given that their free use is authorized, they can produce and distribute at their own risk.

On this website, the design of medical material has been released with the aim of supplying the hospitals that have been left without the conventional supply due to the increasing demand for the current situation. Only the management or the purchasing departments partly hospitals they can order the pieces directly through the form in this space.

The Tauli Park 3D Laboratory can also receive requests for pieces outside the current catalog through the same form, which studies the feasibility of design and manufacturing through 3D printing.

El Official College of Physicians of Barcelona (COMB) is coordinated with the Parc Taulí 3D laboratory to manage orders and distribution of material more appropriately in all hospitals in Catalonia. It has also enabled a logistics and storage service for products manufactured by different suppliers.

El Official College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia (EIC) will assume the official coordination of the appropriate production channel for the demand that has been generated. Les companies specializing in 3D product printing who wish to collaborate offering their printing capacity can be formally addressed through EIC-enabled mail, from which all manufacturing is coordinated. We want to convey a message of patience and peace of mind. The volume and type of pieces per impression will depend on the demand. We recommend that you wait for instructions from the production team in order not to waste resources.

It is grateful for the willingness of the participants to participate private users. However, printing by individuals cannot guarantee the fulfillment of health quality requirements in the manufacture of the products. In parallel, coordinated actions are being organized through local councils in case we later require the help of individuals.

We want to thank all the help and willingness to add that all members of the 3dCovid19 group have shown that in one week they have been able to create a collaboration network between all the 3D manufacturers in a totally altruistic way.


Management or purchasing departments of hospitals request parts through the form. These can be catalog pieces or others.

The Parc Taulí 3D Laboratory receives the applications, validates the origin and coordinates the orders with the Official College of Physicians (COMB).

The COMB coordinates orders with Lab3D and stores its manufacturing, then distributes it to hospitals in Catalonia.

3D printing companies that want to collaborate must contact the Official College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, as it is the one who coordinates the production.

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