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The Project Unit aims to boost the research carried out in the Parc Taulí Health Corporation Consortium in order to increase participation in both national and international projects and to attract resources.

We have extensive experience in managing European pre-commercial and innovation public procurement projects. Since 2013 we have participated in 3 Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) projects: THALEA, NYMPHA and STARS. We are currently participating in a Public Procuerement of Innovation (PPI): THALEA II.


  • Centralize the projects carried out in Parc Taulí, in order to carry out efficient and efficient management.
  • Identify professionals who have a project idea or an already structured project and who want to explore new sources of funding.
  • Contact researchers interested in participating in projects, know their capabilities and interests in order to advise them on the development of a quality research project.
  • Promote the participation of researchers in projects and encourage leadership in international projects.
Ana Aguilar Aguilar


The Project Unit supports researchers in the different phases of the project:

  • Identification of funding lines that meet the needs of researchers
  • Dissemination of announcements
  • Formation and consolidation of consortia (search for partners if applicable)
  • Advice on drafting proposals (methodological, financial and / or legal support)
  • Elaboration of the work plan (packages of work, schedules and allocation of responsibilities)
  • Procedures of the applications with the financing entities
  • Management of the projects awarded: monitoring of scientific activities, economic justifications and audits
  • Preparation of final reports, review and closing of the project

Unit of Projects

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