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The Parc Taulí Innovation Unit (UDIPT) supports the professionals of the institution so that their ideas reach the market, transforming their scientific, medical and healthcare knowledge for the benefit of health and society.

In this sense, from UDIPT we promote the culture of innovation, with the aim of integrating day-to-day care activities, in collaboration with companies, universities and other institutions for the development of R&D projects. + i. All these actions contribute to increasing the participation of the public and private sectors in the process of technological innovation, thus contributing to the development of the territory.

Xavier Gallego Moreno

Technological co-development

If you are looking to identify clinical needs not covered by the development of innovative solutions, we contact the appropriate professionals and provide you with the necessary resources for their implementation.

Technological validation

If your institution or company has developed an innovative technology and needs to be clinically validated by an internal promoter, please contact us and we will guide you through the process.

Scientific, clinical and healthcare advice

If you need to validate the need that covers your innovative solution or are looking for new applications of your technology, we contact the "Key Opinion Leaders" of our institution for a personalized opinion.

Innovation Unit

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