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CataloniaBio & HealthTech is theassociation of companies in the field of biomedicine and health in Catalonia. Its mission is to promote research, development and innovation (R&D) so that the business fabric generates new biopharmaceutical products, services, medical technologies and digital health that improve the well-being of people.

Currently, it has more than 150 companies and collaborating agents such as hospitals, research centers and leading universities in R&D in biomedicine. The Parc Taulí is part of the network CHISCATED.

Network of hospital, social and health and medical centers in Catalonia and Spain that promotes and promotes R&D, the protection and transfer of the derived results, through cooperation between the member centers, and with institutions and companies dedicated to the health sector

OSAMCAT is a body of research, training and counseling in the field of mental health, born from an initiative of the Parc Taulí Health Corporation and the Parc Taulí Foundation. Actually it is constituted by several institutions of the university world, of the research and the social action.

Carlos III Health Institute

  • Group 33 "Use of the wavelet transform for respirator curve analysis".
    • Led group.
    • IP: Lluís Blanch Torra.
  • Group 30 "Quality control of spirometry through a network system."
    • Led group.
    • IP: Eduard Monsó Molas.
  • Group 10.
    • Group participated.
    • Researcher: Manel Luján Torné.
  • Area 6, group 9 "Helicopter pylori infection."
    • Led group.
    • IP: Xavier Calvet Calvo.
  • RIS 06 (Spanish Network for AIDS Research). Resolution 29/11/2011.
    • Leadership.
    • IP: Maria José Amengual Guedan.
  • RIS 12 (Spanish Network for AIDS Research). Resolution 10/12/2012.
    • Leadership.
    • IP: Ferran Segura Porta.
  • Resolution 29/11/2011.
    • Leadership.
    • IP: Ferran Segura Porta
  • Resolution 10/12/2012.
    • Leadership.
    • IP: Maria Luisa Baré

Platform that promotes innovation in health technology to make the National Health System more sustainable, supporting the development of innovative culture, to facilitate the integration of the science-industry system in the field of medical technology.

Coordination of the Units of Support for Innovation Program.

    • IP: Lluís Blanch Torra.

Other networks

Association that aims to create a collaborative environment between the associated entities for the promotion and development of activities of management, valorization and transfer of knowledge to the productive sector.

Network that strengthens and disseminates the role of universities as essential elements within the national innovation system.