Mental Health
and Addictions

Acute Mental Health

We have a hospital bed with 30 beds for a population of 430.000 inhabitants, which aims to provide comprehensive attention to decompensations or acute situations, in which there is a serious psychopathological risk, which require immediate intervention of 24 hours, with intensive clinical actions, in a short period of time. It is equipped with the technical and structural means to ensure a safe environment, so it has special security measures and is restricted access.

Its therapeutic programs include a safe program of electroconvulsive therapy, in cases where it has a clinical indication.

Its aim is to return the patient to his or her family, social and work environment, in clinical remission conditions that allow, if appropriate, post-outpatient follow-up by appropriate community services. In the event that the necessary functional improvement is not achieved, once the clinical stabilization has been achieved, the referral of the patient to the appropriate care device is managed.

The Mental Health Acute Unit has the capacity to handle cases of Emergency, Day hospital or Outpatient Consultations.