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Teaching and training

The Vascular Radiology and Interventional Unit offers training to radiology residents, medical students, and residents or specialists in other medical disciplines. This training in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular pathology and non-vascular interventional treatment is open to both the professionals of the Parc Taulí Corporation and the professionals of other hospitals.

Intervention image of the URVI (UDIAT)

The training of the radiology resident consists of an initial stay of 3 months in which he carries out the basic procedures of the care activity, collaborates with the staff in the complex procedures, participates in the clinical decision-making and preparation of future interventions. The training is complemented by a 1,5-month rotation focused on non-invasive vascular diagnostic techniques (Doppler ultrasound, Angio-CT and Angio-RM).

The unit is equipped with high technology equipment. It currently has a 3D digital angiography team (Siemens Axiom Artis), an ultrasound scan dedicated exclusively to vascular pathology (Siemens Antares), 2 1.5 and 1 T MRI teams (Symphony Siemens) and 2 multi CT units - Detector of 16 and 4 crowns (Somaton Siemens). The entire Image Diagnostic Service works with their own development PACS for the Digital Image Center.

URVI operating room image (UDIAT)

The training doctor has a complete library with the basic and specific texts of the specialty and electronic subscription to the diagnostic and image diagnostic journals.
As a complement to the healthcare activity, trainee physicians are invited to participate actively in the various clinical sessions in which the unit participates:


Image showing the clinical sessions in which the URVI participates (UDIAT)


During the stay in the unit, the resident is encouraged to submit scientific papers to national and international congresses, as well as to participate in the various training courses and to promote or develop scientific activities.

Our unit is currently part of 3 multicenter, 2 international and one national research projects:

International carotid stenting study (ICSS) in collaboration with neurology and vascular surgery services.

SOV301 assay. A multicenter, phase III open-label, controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Omniscan (gadodiamide injection) at 0,1 mmol / kg in magnetic resonance angiography (MRI) of the renal arteries.

Multicenter study to evaluate the efficacy and complications of surgical peritoneal lavage versus percutaneous prosthesis placement in the treatment of sigmoid occlusive neoplasm




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