Digital communication is one of the strategic pillars of the Institute's communication activity. In accordance with the objective of publicizing all the activity carried out in the entity and promoting scientific dissemination, intensive work has been done to consolidate the use of social networks and the website as optimal channels for such an end






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I Cycle of Scientific Conferences I3PT

During 2021, the I3PT has organized the first Cycle of Scientific Conferences. These sessions are open to all citizens, especially for research and research and innovation support staff, with the aim of encouraging transversal competences in the scientific field. 

The sessions were streamed online and open for all interested parties to view.

The scientific publication of the month 

During this 2021, continuity has been given to the monthly interviews with research staff of the Institute with the aim of promoting the scientific dissemination of the most relevant publications of the entity.

This has made it possible to give greater visibility to all the knowledge generated by researchers and to become a speaker to reach the different target audiences.

New cycle 'Science in feminine. Women and research in the Parc Taulí '

As part of the 'International Day of Women and Girls in Science', which takes place on February 11, the Institute has presented the cycle 'Science in women. Women and research in Parc Taulí', with the aim of highlighting the contribution made to research by I3PT researchers and stimulating scientific vocations among younger girls.

Over the course of the week, they have been published 12 interviews with researchers from the Institute in which they explain their research and vision as research women.

Women and science at Parc Taulí

Also, the management director of the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT), Glòria Palomar, and the Equality agent of the Human Resources Directorate of the Parc Taulí, Pilar Medel, published the article " Women and science in Parc Taulí", in which the high percentage of women who are part of the I3PT research team (61%) and the female leadership of the research groups (42%) is highlighted ).

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Boosting the creation of innovative opportunities for the elderly

The Institute participated in the open session "Aging Society and Design Thinking: New Opportunities for Innovation” with the aim of publicizing the activities that are being carried out as part of the project CHEST Vallès Industrial: Innovation and design of European industry.

On this occasion, Parc Taulí has ​​presented the operation it is leading “Industrial design and innovation at the service of active aging”Which has as its purpose improve the aging and health of the population over 60 years, taking advantage of their knowledge and experience to transform them into business opportunities.

Taulí Research and Innovation Grants

TAI-certified Taulí Grants has the purpose of promoting research and innovation among the research staff of the I3PT, helping to finance projects of excellence and emerging groups to develop their projects and to acquire sufficient experience to be able to be competitive in competitive calls.

This year's event, originally scheduled for December, has been moved to February 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the 23rd edition, they received scholarships 26 projects with an amount of 130.000 euros. The Taulí Scholarships have awarded researchers in the following categories:

The ceremony for the Taulí Scholarships was broadcast live from the Institute's new YouTube channel, which will open at the end of 2021. A total of 73 people followed the ceremony from this platform.

With the aim of improving the notoriety and positioning of the Institute among its external audiences, several actions have been taken focused on the creation of news, the sending of press releases - thus strengthening the relationship with the media communication and the Institute's media impact, and publications on social networks. As a result, the I3PT has had various media impacts, as shown below:

Press releases


written press

20 appearances


11 appearances

Digital media

93 appearances


The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute is recognized with the CERCA seal

Radio Sabadell | February 11

listen to news
El Taulí receives accreditation as a CERCA center from the Generalitat

Sabadell newspaper | February 11

read news
Sabadell, benchmark in biomedicine

Sabadell newspaper | February 12

read news
Design changes lives

The Vanguard | April 20

read news
The transfer of technology is a challenge for the researcher

The Newspaper | September 18

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Leading health research around the world

Sabadell newspaper | October 3

read news
Carlos Sisternas: 'El Taulí can't stop. It's on the right track in innovation'

Sabadell newspaper | October 26

read news
Proteomics study to predict the evolution of patients with COVID, by researcher Joan Calvet

Catalonia Radio | December 14

listen to news
Lluís Blanch and Montse Pàmias, characters of the year 2021 in Sabadell

Sabadell newspaper | December 27

read news
CERCA accreditation, among Sabadell's most important news of the year

Sabadell newspaper | December 30

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Regarding the internal communication of the I3PT, until the month of September, a weekly email of news publications has continued to be sent to inform about the most important events and the activity carried out at the Institute.

From October, the shipment of the Monday Launch, a weekly newsletter that collects all that information of interest to the staff, such as news from the Institute, corporate information, highlights of the sector, active calls for research and innovation, awards, impacts of the I3PT on the media, and the weekly schedule of external and internal activities.

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