Degree and FP teaching activities


Degree in Medicine

In the 2020-2021 academic year, the Parc Taulí Teaching Unit of the Faculty of Medicine of the UAB taught from the third to the sixth year.


Nursing degree students

The participation in the training of the Nursing degree is specified in the practical training of students of the Universities with which a collaboration agreement is signed. In 2021 they have been the following:

  • EUI Gimbernat
  • EUI International University of Catalonia
  • EUIT of Terrassa
  • UAB


Nursing Assistants

It collaborates in the practical training of nursing assistants from the following entities:

  • IES Castellarnau
  • IES Jaume Viladoms
  • IES Ferreria
  • Edgar School of Terrassa


Life and health sciences students

During the 2021 academic year, 206 students have been accepted within the framework of collaboration agreements with other institutions and teaching entities related to other degrees and masters in life and health disciplines: radiology, physiotherapy, biology, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, among others.


Student trainees (Vocational training centers)

Students of professional training and occupational training registered in the field of human resources and in occupational training centers.

Master's and Postgraduate teaching activities


Masters Park Taulí

  • Master in Artificial Intelligence in Health | UAB + information
    Direction: Dr. José Ibeas and Dr. Javier Serrano.
  • Master's in Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Pneumology | UAB + information
    Direction: Dr. Montserrat Bosque and Dr. Laura Valdesiro.


  • Master's degree in comprehensive care for the critically ill and emergencies
    Dr. Luis Blanch Barcelona University.


Postgraduate Nursing

3 postgraduate courses for Nursing have been organized and offered:

  • Comprehensive care for the severely traumatized patient (15th edition)
  • Comprehensive care for critically ill patients with cardiovascular and/or respiratory disease (1st edition)
  • Obstetric emergencies (4th edition)

It has also collaborated in the practical training of the following programs:

  • Master of Surgical Nursing and the Surgical Postgraduate of the EUIT – 8 students
  • Master's degree in Oncology Nursing from the Catalan Institute of Oncology – 1 student
  • Master's degree in Pediatric Nursing from the University of Barcelona - 6 students
  • Postgraduate degree in Nephrology Nursing at the EUI Gimbernat – 0 students (enrolled biannually)

Specialized health training


additions Residents R1

  • 32 accredited specialties
  • 60 specialist tutors in training
  • 210 residents in total (medicine, nursing, pharmacy and psychology)
  • 42 non-hospital specialty residents: 36 MFiC, 3 occupational medicine, 3 AFiC nursing
  • 66 residents of other centers in rotation
  • 11 national and international residents on a training stay at Parc Taulí

Specialization courses

The Institutional Teaching Committee has evaluated 46 teaching activities, 44 of which could be carried out this year, with 1.547 students registered and a total of 7.639 hores lessons taught.




Training hours



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