Digital communication is one of the strategic pillars of the Institute's communication activity. In accordance with the objective of publicizing all the activity carried out in the entity and promoting scientific dissemination, intensive work has been done to consolidate the use of social networks and the website as optimal channels for such an end






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II Cycle of Scientific Conferences I3PT

Thanks to the success achieved in 2021, the I3PT has organized a new edition of the Cycle of Scientific Conferences, with the aim of continuing to promote transversal skills in the scientific field of all citizens, with a special focus on the research and innovation support staff.

The sessions were streamed online and open for all interested parties to view and subsequently posted to the I3PT YouTube channel for permanent availability.

Social dissemination of research

During this 2022, they have been published 36 news with the aim of bringing all those to the public and the business fabric scientific advances made by Parc Taulí to improve the health and well-being of patients and healthcare professionals.

In this way the I3PT advances in its objective of promote scientific dissemination and contribute to fostering critical thinking of citizenship.

We make our professionals visible to awaken scientific vocations in schools and institutes

As part of the celebration on February 11 World Women's Day in Science, the Institute's team wanted to contribute to the initiatives organized at a global level to promote the scientific and technical vocations of young people, especially among girls, and to recognize the key role that women play in the scientific and technological community. In accordance with this objective, he organized two workshops in educational centers:

Talks to Kindergarten and Primary students

The head of the Projects Unit, Anna Aguilar, gave the talk "Our scientific mothers”To P4 and 2nd Primary students at Mas Boadella School in Sabadell with the aim of discover to the youngest the universe of the research centers and the female talent that exists in the Institute. "Scientific vocations must be awakened from an early age, when they are still in the process of personal discovery and begin to have a stronger vision of the world," said Aguilar.

Innovation Workshop for High School classes

The project managers of the Innovation Unit Judith Juan and Laura Lizama have taught a hospital innovation workshop at the Can Planas Institute in Barberà del Vallès. The students of the first year of the Scientific Baccalaureate have learned first hand what innovation is in hospitals, they have learned about innovative solutions currently made by women, and they have worked in groups to present innovative proposals in front of a medical challenge that they have raised by project managers.

Taulí Research and Innovation Grants

TAI-certified Taulí Grants has the purpose of promoting research and innovation among the research staff of the I3PT, helping to finance projects of excellence and emerging groups to develop their projects and to acquire sufficient experience to be able to be competitive in competitive calls.

In this 24th edition, a total of 24 projects with an allocation of 130.000 euros. During the event there was a keynote speech by the National Research Award for Young Talent Núria Montserrat.

The Taulí Scholarships have awarded researchers in the following categories:

  • Scholarships Research and innovation board
  • Medicine students of the UAB
  • Scholarships Step up to the Taulí


During the event, the creation of the Pau Massana grant for research into minority diseases, thanks to which Cellers Maset will allocate €25.000 annually to the research of these diseases. 

With the aim of improving the notoriety and positioning of the Institute among its external audiences, several actions have been taken focused on the creation of news, the sending of press releases - thus strengthening the relationship with the media communication and the Institute's media impact, and publications on social networks. As a result, the I3PT has had various media impacts, as shown below:

Press releases


written press

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24 appearances

Digital media

121 appearances


Parc Taulí is leading a study to treat constant fear and anxiety about COVID

Ground Floor, TV3 | February 10

Watch interview
Parc Taulí de Sabadell starts an innovative treatment against rectal cancer

The Newspaper | June 27

read news
Parc Taulí de Sabadell starts an innovative treatment against rectal cancer

Interview with Dr. Serra in the Bulletin of Radio Nacional de España | June 30

read news
Parc Taulí studies an alternative to avoid chemotherapy in lung cancer

NOW | July 25

read news
Parc Taulí studies a new therapy to avoid chemotherapy in lung cancer

COPE | July 25

read news
How to improve mechanical ventilation of critically ill patients?

Big Vand, La Vanguardia | April 18

read news
Parc Taulí warns that we are still in a pandemic

The Vanguard | May 5

read news
Misgivings about the current management of covid

The Point Today | May 7

read news
TailorSurgery, the start-up that brings printing to the bones

The Vanguard | December 18

read news
They detect a biomarker that makes it possible to detect earlier the risk of suffering complications from diabetes

Sabadell newspaper | October 11

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With regard to the internal communication of the I3PT, it has been consolidated newsletter Monday Launchh as the Institute's main internal dissemination channel. With a weekly frequency, this newsletter has been sent which collects all that information of interest to the staff, such as news from the Institute, corporate information, outstanding events in the sector, active calls for research and innovation, awards, impacts of the 'I3PT in the media, and the weekly agenda of external and internal activities.

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