Master in Artificial Intelligence in Health - 3rd edition

Parc Taulí Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

Training for the existence of a new generation of more technological physicians and able to assist in the design of cognitive assistants is one of the challenges of medicine today.


Hepatology in Primary Care

Work room - 3rd floor edf. Dawn Parc Taulí Corporation Consortium, Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

This course aims to provide very practical knowledge for the guidance and follow-up of patients with liver disease that will help to significantly improve the doctor's confidence and the management of these patients in Primary Care.


Comprehensive Care for the Serious Traumatic Patient

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

Given that optimal prehospital care for the severely traumatic patient compromises the success of interventions in the later stages of the hospital, we want to take over the entire care process for patients with severe trauma within the first 48 hours of loss of health. This will be the axis on which the training of students during this course is based.


XVIII Theoretical and practical course of ultrasound for vascular access in hemodialysis

Auditorium Parc del Taulí, 1, Sabadell, Barcelona

The use of ultrasound by the Nephrologist in the Hemodialysis Unit can become a very useful tool. Working in coordination with Radiologists and Vascular Surgeons can result in a decrease in morbidity. The aim of the course is to ensure that the nephrologist is able, with the use of ultrasound, to recognize the pathology of the FAV, guide in the complex puncture and perform flow monitoring; and to recognize the cervical and femoral vascular anatomy for the placement of central pathways and to be able to perform their eco-directed approach.

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