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Course in pediatric allergy and pneumology

November 21, 2023 | 8:00 - 19:00

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The Pneumology and Pediatric Allergy Unit of the Pediatric Medicine Service (Parc Taulí University Hospital) and the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT-CERCA) are organizing the 5th edition of the Vallès course in Allergy and Pediatric Pneumology.

The course aims to solve the most frequent doubts of the allergic and pulmonary pathology more frequent in our environment.

  1. 08:00 -08:30h Collection of documentation
  2. 08:30 -09:00h Inauguration of the course
  3. 09:00 -11:30h Respiratory Pathology
    – Asthma Concepts, triggers and pharmacological treatment. Clinical case Dr. Miguel Garcia, Dr. Gonzalo Chui
    – Respiratory allergy disease, Aeroallergens, why indicate immunotherapy? Clinical case Dr. Marta Susanna, Dr. Marina Pedrosa
    – Practical questions of immunotherapy to aeroallergens, usual practice. Mrs. Maria Jose Nuevo
    – Complicated pneumonia. Dr. Óscar Asensio, Dr. Marta Mumany
    – The cough. Dr. Belén Caurín
  4. 10:45 -11: 15h Coffe Break
    #12:15 - 14:00 pm Drug allergy and skin allergy
    – Allergy to beta-lactams. Dr. Núria Cortes
    – Allergy to NSAIDS. Clinical case Dr. Natalia González, Dr. Elsy Mejía
    – Urticaria Dr. Helena Larramona
  5. 14:00 -15: 00h Dinar
  6. 15:00 -16: 00h Primary immunodeficiencies
    – When to suspect a Primary immunodeficiency. Dr. Pilar Llobet
    – What evidence to ask for? Dr. Claudia Rosillo
  7. 16:00 -18: 30h Food allergy
    – Early diagnosis of food allergy and less strict avoidance diets. Clinical case Dr. Lucia Rodriguez
    – Prevention of food allergy. Clinical case Dr. Philip Thorndike
    – Anaphylaxis workshop. Mrs. Marta Roldos
    – Oral food immunotherapy. Milk/egg and LTP. When to indicate it? Dr. Laura Valdesiro
    – Practical questions in Oral Immunotherapy with milk and egg. Mrs. Elizabeth Ribera
  8. 18:30 -19:00h Conclusions and closing.

Addressed to:

  • Pediatric professionals, family physicians, pediatric nursing, pediatric nursing residents, pediatric residents, allergology residents.

By: Laura Valdesoiro Navarrete

Direction of the course.


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November 21, 2023
8:00 - 19:00
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Pediatric professionals, family physicians, pediatric nursing, pediatric nursing residents, pediatric residents, allergology residents.
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Laura Valdesoiro Navarrete
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Direction of the course.
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Parc Taulí, 1
Sabadell, Barcelona 08208 Spain
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