Thanks to the Management and the Crisis Executive Committee for the professionals at Parc Taulí

Thanks to the Management and the Crisis Executive Committee for the professionals at Parc Taulí 1080 608 Parc Taulí current affairs

Undoubtedly, Parc Taulí faces the greatest challenge in its history, facing the management of a completely extraordinary situation that forces us to adapt resources and infrastructures to the needs of the citizens we serve.

But it is clear that the main and most valuable resource we have are those people who, day by day, with their commitment, dedication and professionalism, are engaged in the work they carry out to deal with this pandemic.

It is for this reason that Parc Taulí wants to express its gratitude and recognition to the professionals of each and every one of the areas and groups that make it possible for us, one more day, to stand and hope.

Care teams - doctors and nurses -, social workers, cleaning staff, maintenance and construction projects, kitchen, administrative, admissions staff, information systems staff, technicians, engineers, support staff and external , which helps us every day in the different essential tasks to face the day to day, to all and to all, THANK YOU and ENCOURAGEMENT FOR THE DAYS WE HAVE FORWARD!

Modesto Custodio, President of Parc Taulí

Joan Martí, General Manager

Salvador Navarro, Crisis Executive Committee

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