Press release from the Crisis Executive Committee and the Parc Taulí Business Committee

Press release from the Crisis Executive Committee and the Parc Taulí Business Committee 1080 435 Parc Taulí current affairs

In the face of the news published this morning in a media outlet, referring to a situation of collapse in Parc Taulí, and in the face of the concern that this may have generated among our users, the Crisis Executive Committee and the Company Committee of the Parc Taulí are seen in the obligation to inform the population that this news is absolutely false.

Parc Taulí has ​​a fully operational Crisis Committee, has been one of the first hospitals to implement a Contingency Plan, which is being developed normally, and has planned the extraordinary measures that need to be taken according to the evolution of the pandemic. . At present, the institution is available to care for our patients, both in the Intensive Care Area and in the areas of isolation, in the hospital facilities and in the Emergency Department.

To deal with the emergency situation for COVID-19, the Management of the Parc Taulí and its Works Council have a unique position, which is to work to serve the population and help transmit maximum normality within the difficulties.

We take this opportunity to thank the commitment of all our professionals who, once again, are proving to be up to the circumstances. They ask the public for the maximum collaboration and scrupulous follow-up of the measures recommended by the authorities, necessary to deal with the current situation.

It is time to act responsibly, both in what we do and in what we say.

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