The Governing Council ratifies the appointment of the president of Parc Taulí, Mariona Creus, and appoints two new councilors, as well as a new president and a new member of Sabadell Gent Gran

The Governing Council ratifies the appointment of the president of Parc Taulí, Mariona Creus, and appoints two new councilors, as well as a new president and a new member of Sabadell Gent Gran 1080 810 Parc Taulí current affairs

In the session of the Governing Council held on July 22, Mariona Creus i Virgili joined as the new President of the Governing Council, who was appointed on June 18 by the Minister of Health, and received yesterday the confidence of this body in accordance with the statutes of the CCSPT.

Councilors Maria Jesús Cubells Larrosa and Josep Masip Suets, appointed last July 20 by the Minister of Health, replacing Ministers Enric Blasco and Josep Simó.

On the other hand, the Governing Council was also constituted yesterday at the General Meeting of Shareholders of the company Sabadell Gent Gran Center de Serveis, SA to renew the composition of the members of the Taulí of Directors of the company, appointing Maria José Torres Segura as chairman of the board to replace Modesto Custodio, and Mireia Subirana Casacuberta as its member.

Appointments to the Governing Council

The new president of Parc Taulí, Mariona Creus and Virgil, stands out for his career in the field of management and nursing. She has been president of the Barcelona College of Nursing, dean of the Council of Nursing Colleges of Catalonia and has, among other degrees, a master's degree in health management. In the professional field, he has dedicated his whole life to nursing. After studying at the Santa Madrona University School, at the age of 70 he entered the prestigious Epione School in Sabadell as head of internships.

Among other managerial functions, she has been the nurse director of the Hospital de la Salut, the hospital of Sant Joan de Déu de Martorell and the General Hospital of Vall d'Hebron. Other responsibilities include that of Minister of the Catalan Association of Nursing Management, President of the Official College of Nursing of Barcelona, ​​and President of the Commission for the Management of the Council of the Nursing Profession of Catalonia. Among the current positions, Mariona Creus is vice-president of the Fundació lctus, member of the Catalan Association of Nursing Management and 2nd vice-president of the University Extension Classroom for the elderly in Sabadell.

The new councilor, Maria Jesús Cubells Larrosa, has a degree in Medicine and Surgery from the UB, a specialist in Internal Medicine from the University School of the Hospital del Mar (Barcelona). Family physician at ICS until her retirement. Coordinator at CAP Andorra (Sabadell) who, together with those at Can Deu and Torre Romeu, were leaders in the reform of Primary Care.

The new director, Josep Masip Suets, has been president of the Sabadell Red Cross for two decades, in two different stages. Member of the Red Cross since 1974 and volunteer since 1976. President of the Sabadell Local Assembly from 1994 to 2003 and from 2008 to 2019. Provincial Vice President of the Red Cross in Barcelona from 1998 to 2003 and from 2019 to the present. He has also been a member of several Councils of the City Councils of Sabadell, Barberà del Vallès and Badia del Vallès.

Appointments to the Taulí of Directors of Sabadell Gent Gran

Maria José Torres Segura, new president of the Taulí of Directors of Sabadell Gent Gran, is responsible for the Specialized Care Centers with ICS agreement. She has been the director of the Primary Care Directorate (DAP) of the Valles Oriental, of the Doll of Mollet and Granollers during its unification process, of the DAP Mollet, DAP Cerdanyola-Ripollet, DAP Mollet and DAP Cerdanyola-Ripollet.

Mireia Subirana Casacoverta, new member of the Taulí of Directors and Director of Nursing at Parc Taulí since March 16, holds a PhD in Health Sciences, Wellness and Quality of Life from the University of Leeds (2012) and the University of Vic (2013). Master's degree in Leadership and Management of Nursing Services from the University of Barcelona (2009), University Diploma in Integrated Health Services Management from ESADE (2015) and Postgraduate Diploma in Intensive Nursing from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1986).

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