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This activity is part of a project of visibility and participation of the pediatric field with civil society, coinciding with the celebration, on October 8, of the Day of Pediatrics, an initiative of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (

Rotary Club Sabadell and the Pediatrics Department of Sabadell Hospital have organized a Solidarity Gymkhana on Saturday, October 11, in order to support children suffering from serious illnesses and their families. The initiative has the collaboration of leisure groups and Sabadell City Council.

The aim of the gymkhana is to disseminate the work carried out in the Pediatric Area of ​​the Hospital de Sabadell, to publicize the work of professionals and, fundamentally, to receive the support of the population to promote this area and make it wider and more efficient, with more capacity for assistance and relationships, both with the child and with the families. This attention implies, at the same time, a humanization of pediatric spaces. The Solidarity Gymkhana wants to become the starting point to carry out this project that is for everyone and for everyone.

How to participate in the Solidarity Gymkhana

The Solidarity Gymkhana is aimed at the general public and everyone who wants to participate: boys and girls, their families and friends. The gymkhana will take place on a short tour of the city of Sabadell, during which participants must pass some tests, and will end with a big party in the roundabout square of Parc Taulí.

The mechanics of the gymkhana consist of questions and some tests that aim to ensure that children and the general population can get closer to the reality of children with serious illnesses.
It will start between 16 and 16:15 in Plaça Argub (Parc Catalunya) and the final party is scheduled to end at around 19 in the Glorieta del Parc Taulí.

Families can participate in groups of 4 to 8 people, although the groups can be adapted according to the different realities that may occur.

Rotary Club Sabadell and the Pediatrics Department of the Hospital de Sabadell are grateful in advance for the collaboration of the public in this activity, wishing it a success of citizen participation. The boys and girls of Sabadell Hospital need the support of all of us!

To participate, you must register for free on the website:

Encourage yourself!

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