The Parc Taulí heliport, the base of the SEM's medical helicopters for night flights 150 150 Parc Taulí current affairs

The Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economy and Finance, Pere Aragonès, and the Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, presented last night at a press conference this new service located in the heliport of Parc Taulí, where it is installed. lada the air base of the Barcelona demarcation of the SEM since February 2017.

The Medical Emergency System (SEM) has officially launched the night helicopter transfer service. The project has been in the testing phase for a year, during which time both the infrastructure and the operation have been optimized. The service has set up its base in Sabadell and should make it possible to reduce the transfer time of patients to the destination hospital considerably. In the first year of implementation, 177 serious and critical patients benefited, with pathologies such as stroke or heart attack.

The Vice President, Pere Aragonès, and the Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, presented this new service last night at the Parc Taulí heliport. "After a few months of testing we have managed to consolidate the night flight," said the minister, while the vice president stressed that networking is "essential to ensure territorial equity and health service for all."

This initiative has a threefold objective: to guarantee equity in access to the public health system of the entire population of Catalonia, to reduce interhospital transfer times in the areas furthest from tertiary hospitals and to improve the health coverage of these areas in deliver terrestrial medicalized resources. Currently, the SEM provides a 24-hour helicopter medical assistance service: it incorporates a medical team that works from 20 pm to 8 am and complements what was already working during the day (from 8 am to 20 pm)

Of the 4 current air bases of the SEM, the one located in Parc Taulí has ​​been chosen to expand the service, because it is the one that offers the best coverage in the whole of Catalonia and the one that guarantees the least number of hours of inoperability. .

Before the press conference, the visiting delegation of the Generalitat de Catalunya was received by a representation of the management team of Parc Taulí, led by the President of the Corporation, Modesto Custodio, the Director General, Joan Martí, the Executive Director of the Hospital of Sabadell and Albada, Cristina Carod, the director of Economy and Services, Francesc Luque, and the director of Nursing of the Hospital of Sabadell and Albada, Carmen Díaz.

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  • maria

    I think it's a great initiative "sienpre ses in terms of the speed of assistance" I've been logged in at Tauli for 1 month and from my living room window I see them arriving and leaving and I've seen the effectiveness of this service (example (perfect)

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