The Parc Taulí Sleep Unit, re-accredited by SEPAR as a High Complexity Multidisciplinary Unit

The Parc Taulí Sleep Unit, re-accredited by SEPAR as a High Complexity Multidisciplinary Unit 1024 576 Parc Taulí current affairs

The Accreditation Committee of the 'Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery' (SEPAR) has recently re-accredited the Sleep Unit of Parc Taulí as a High Complexity Multidisciplinary Unit with a level of excellence. This accreditation is the recognition of compliance with the quality standards established by SEPAR itself.

The Unit was accredited as a Multidisciplinary Unit in 2011 for a period of 4 years and has been re-accredited in 2014 and 2019 as a High Complexity Multidisciplinary Unit, on all three occasions with the qualification of excellent. Coordinated by the Pulmonology Service, the services of Neurology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Maxillofacial Surgery and Otorhinolaryngology are part of it. On the other hand, Dr. MJ Masdeu and Dr. Laura Vigil, from the Pulmonology Service, and Dr. Gemma Sansa from the Neurology Service, are accredited in 2012 by the 'Spanish Committee for Accreditation in Sleep Medicine' as medical experts in Medicine. del Son.

Every year 1600 sleep studies are done. The Unit has a laboratory where up to three simultaneous sleep studies (two conventional and one simplified polysomnography) can be performed every day, monitored by a technician throughout the night. The unit has advanced technological equipment for the study of all types of sleep disorders. Since June 2006, sleep studies have also been carried out at home, which makes it possible to optimize the unit's resources.

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