Parc Taulí joins the worldwide campaign 'Nursing Now', which aims to improve the health of the population and enhance nursing excellence

Parc Taulí joins the worldwide campaign 'Nursing Now', which aims to improve the health of the population and enhance nursing excellence 1024 576 Parc Taulí current affairs

The World Health Organization and the International Council of Nurses, leaders in the field of health, together with the Burdett Trust for Nursing (UK) have launched a so-called global campaign Nursing Now with the aim of asking governments, health professionals and service users to value nurses more and advocate for their leadership to improve the quality of care and improve the health of the population.

Nurses are the backbone of health systems and play a crucial role in both health promotion and prevention, treatment and care. They account for almost half of all health care workers worldwide.

Nursing Now has been founded by nurses and other health experts based on the results of the 2016 ‘Triple Impact’ report prepared by the Parliamentary Group of all UK parties on global health co-chaired by Lord Nigel Crisp, also co - chairman of the Taulí of Nursing Now.

The objectives of the Campaign include that by 2020 the following will be obtained:

  • Greater investment to improve education, professional development, standards, regulation and employment conditions for nurses.
  • Greater and better dissemination of effective and innovative practices in Nursing.
  • Increased participation of nurses and midwives in global health policies.
  • More nurses in leadership positions and more development opportunities at all levels.
  • More evidence for policymakers and decision makers, on where nursing can have the most impact, what is preventing nurses from reaching their full potential, and how to address these barriers.

Parc Taulí is proud to support and contribute to the objectives of the Campaign Nursing Now. The goals of the campaign are closely aligned with our institution’s efforts to advance health and foster excellence in nursing. The XNUMXst century will mean a greater development of nursing to enhance health, so it is necessary to raise the professional profile and working conditions of nurses; aspects that are directly related to the situation in our country.

Given these objectives, which agree with the proposals of nursing in professional leadership, innovation, political influence, training and decision-making to contribute to the achievement of universal health, Parc Taulí strongly supports this campaign.

Currently three nurses from our Institution are admitted to the Training program Nightingale Challenge, which consists of providing leadership and development training for a group of young nurses and midwives during 2020, Year of the Nurse and Midwife.

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