The Taoist Park's nursing nurses and a patient star in "Héroes y Heroínas", the first traveling exhibition on ostomy

The Taoist Park's nursing nurses and a patient star in "Héroes y Heroínas", the first traveling exhibition on ostomy 1080 608 Parc Taulí current affairs

The nurses at Parc Taulí, M. Carmen Agudo and Carmen del Pino, star in one of the 14 stories in this photography exhibition. The exhibition is part of the project 'HUMANIZACCIÓN', promoted by GESTO and Hollister and aims to give visibility and humanize health care in ostomy. The exhibition can be visited until February 24 in the lobby of the Taulí building.

Although there is no exact official record on the number of ostomized people living in Spain, it is estimated that there may be more than 70.000 and that it increases by about 16.000 new cases each year. There are still significant differences in the health care that ostomized patients receive between the different autonomous communities. Catalonia has the highest number of ostomy consultations, about 45 between private and public centers out of the 120 that are recognized nationally.

This exhibition is part of the 'HUMANIZACCIÓN' project, promoted by GESTO, a group made up of stomatotherapist nurses from Spain, and Hollister, a laboratory that develops, manufactures and sells products and services for health care in ostomy and continence. The photographs, taken by the renowned photographer Álvaro Laiz, are portraits of 14 people with ostomy, accompanied by their stories of overcoming.

The inauguration of the exhibition has been in charge of the president of the Parc Taulí, Modesto Custodio, of the executive director of the Hospital of Sabadell and Albada, Cristina Carod, of the director of Nursing, Carmen Díaz and of the manager of area of Hollister, Vicente Latorre. During the event, the stomatopathic nurse, Carmen del Pino, emphasized the importance of giving visibility to ostomy, people with a stoma and the role of expert nurses. The testimony of Ferran, a patient with a stoma, closed the opening of this exhibition.

Parc Taulí treats an average of 110-130 ostomized patients each year and monitors 1.200 patients.

What is an ostomy?

Ostomy is a surgical procedure that is performed to create artificial communication between a viscera and the outside through the abdomen to conduct body fluids, fecal matter, urine, or body secretions. It can be permanent or temporary. It is usually performed in the small intestine, large intestine, and urinary tract.

What is the GESTO Project?

GESTO is a Working Group made up of all the Nurses who are experts in ESTOmaterapia in Spain with the aim of improving the quality of life of ostomized patients, guaranteeing comprehensive care for ostomized people and their carers and promoting training and scientific research. in stomatotherapy at a level of excellence. GESTO's work focuses on scientific research, the promotion of training,
the promotion of valuable projects and the development of communication actions.


Hollister, a global and independent company with more than 95 years of history and present in more than 50 countries, develops, manufactures and markets health care products and services. Hollister Spain provides solutions in ostomy and continence with an extensive range of quality products and services that help people every day to make their lives more dignified and rewarding.

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    Good morning, I would like to send an email to the nurses Carmen Agudo and Carmen del Pino, is it possible? email address please? Thank you and slts.
    (Ostomy CN 465807)

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