New cycle 'Science in feminine. Women and research in the Parc Taulí '

New cycle 'Science in feminine. Women and research in the Parc Taulí ' 1024 683 Parc Taulí current affairs

To coincide with the 'International Day of Women and Girls in Science', which takes place on February 11, in the Parc Taulí we start the cycle 'Science in feminine. Women and research in the Parc Taulí ', with the aim of making visible the contribution that our researchers make, and also in order to stimulate possible scientific vocations by the youngest girls.

The cycle begins this week, when each day we will publish a small video of one of our researchers, but it will extend throughout the year with the monthly publication of a longer version of these and of other interviews. In this first annual cycle, therefore, we will get to know the research activity and the vision as women of a total of 12 researchers at Parc Taulí!

However, we invite you to read the article 'Women and science at Parc Taulí', signed by the managing director of the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT), Glòria Palomar, and by the agent Equality of the Human Resources Directorate of the Parc Taulí, Pilar Medel. Among other facts and reflections, the article highlights that 3% of women at I61PT are women and 39% are men. Of the 24 existing research groups, 42% are led by women and 58% by men.

Today, ‘Science in Women. Women and research in Parc Taulí ', with Dra. Case Box


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