Parc Taulí inspires 'tweetchats' to replace the open doors of residents canceled by Coronavirus and the initiative extends throughout the state

Parc Taulí inspires 'tweetchats' to replace the open doors of residents canceled by Coronavirus and the initiative extends throughout the state 1000 667 Parc Taulí current affairs

The director of the Pediatric Surgery Service of Parc Taulí (@TauliCIRPED), Dr. Bernardo Núñez, has been the inspiration for an initiative to replace, via tweetchats, the open days for residents that have had to be canceled in all hospitals as a measure to prevent Coronavirus. The initiative, which emerged on Saturday from Parc Taulí, has been extended and today more than 700 hospitals across the state have joined this idea.

The problem arose on Thursday, March 7, when resolutions were issued in all the autonomous communities for the adoption of organizational measures for the prevention and control of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the col. Health professionals. The measure fully affected all open days of hospital residents, which had to be canceled.

These days are very important because they can determine the decision of professionals who have passed the tests for access to specialized training (MIR for doctors, FIF for pharmacists, EIR for specialized nursing…) to choose in which hospital they will be trained as specialists during the next 4 or 5 years.

The cancellation of these open days means, for all hospitals, the loss of the opportunity to explain to future specialist health professionals how to work in each center, and attract the best. "That's when it occurred to me to replace the physical presence through the use of social networks," says Dr. Núñez, very motivated in digital health and medical innovation. That's when he launched this proposal for the specialties of Parc Taulí, but the initiative has been so well received that there is already a call for Tweetchat for all specialties, in all health centers in the state.

Dr. Núñez underlines that in the expansion of this initiative the support received by the medical director of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid, and expert in digital health, Dr. Julio Mayol (@juliomayol), and surgeons Vicenzo Vigorita (@VVigorita) and Dieter Morales (@RNCsantander).

Residents' tweetchats (public conversations via Twitter) will take place throughout this week, with the hashtag # MIR2020Abierto, as well as the hashtags of the respective specialties (for example #pediatric surgery) and the respective centers (in our case #parctauli ).

"It is not the same as the physical presence, but we believe that today is the best alternative we have found to ensure contact between the professionals of the respective hospitals and their future resident professionals," concludes Dr. Núñez.

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