Experts at Parc Taulí 3D Laboratory clinically validate new prototypes to print pieces for healthcare use to help in the Coronavirus pandemic

Experts at Parc Taulí 3D Laboratory clinically validate new prototypes to print pieces for healthcare use to help in the Coronavirus pandemic 1080 642 Parc Taulí current affairs

The 3D Laboratory of Parc Taulí has ​​joined, as an expert center, the initiative that has emerged in recent weeks on the web to make it easier for the 3D community to be made available quickly for the eradication of the pandemic by Coronavirus SARS- CoV-2. An action that can benefit any hospital around the world.

The coordinator of the 3D Laboratory, Dr. Ferran Fillat, explains that his contribution, as a hospital and as 3D experts, consists of the clinical validation of the different proposals for printing pieces for medical use that are emerging on the network. “We validate that, certainly, they are useful models and also necessary for his immediate clinical use. And we make available to the 3D community the technical details of the products we are validating, together with the corresponding files prepared for printing ”and to be made available to the medical community.

Work is currently underway on the validation of different models, such as scanning parts of respirators that have broken stock, as well as on a door-opening system without hand contact, on plastic masks or on support structures. to extend the life of masks. "We validate and adapt models that we find on the web, but in other cases we also start from scratch in the creation of new proposals made to us by the hospital's own healthcare professionals," says Dr. Son.

First models already available to print for companies and individuals

From today, all companies and individuals who want to join this initiative, can now be downloaded from the website the instructions of the different models that will be validated from the 3D Laboratory of the Parc Taulí, to be printed.

This initiative has its origins in the Internet community "Coronavirus makers", where its participants, from around the world, exchange information to achieve manufacture, in an economical and rapid manner, equipment and tools that can improve the care of patients infected with Coronavirus.

Thanks to the consolidation of the 3D Laboratory of Parc Taulí, as its own space for design and manufacture of models, in this health center it is now possible to approach surgical interventions of different specialties with this technology, such as orthopedic surgery and traumatology (COT ), pediatric surgery, vascular surgery, digestive endoscopy, oncology and neurosurgery. The pioneering specialty in its application was COT, which in the last three years has performed more than 160 surgeries with 3D planning.

Now, 3D technology is also prioritized for the benefit of the emergency situation we are experiencing.

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