The makers of Sabadell and the City Council coordinate to collaborate with the 3D Laboratory of Parc Taulí in their fight against COVID-19

The makers of Sabadell and the City Council coordinate to collaborate with the 3D Laboratory of Parc Taulí in their fight against COVID-19 1080 608 Parc Taulí current affairs

Individuals in Sabadell who have 3D printers, and who want and can print pieces validated by the 3D Laboratory of Parc Taulí, already have a circuit to be available for the fight against COVID-19. Thanks also to the interest and collaboration of Sabadell City Council, this week the first pieces will begin to be received at Parc Taulí.

The head of the 3D Laboratory at Parc Taulí, Dr. Ferran Fillat, has recently delegated coordination with the makers of Sabadell in the Eudald Coret, an autonomous mechanical engineer who is dedicated to design and prototyping, and who now manages, together with Clàudia Arenas, the action of all the volunteers of this initiative through the Telegram group CV19_FAB_ParcTauli:

From this Monday, municipal workers of Sabadell City Council will begin collecting the printed pieces at home, and will take them directly to Parc Taulí. A function also essential in this gear, given the current situation of confinement.

The 3D Laboratory of Parc Taulí is making the catalog with all the pieces that are being validated available to the entire 3D Community (, but to the makers individuals are asked to print only certain pieces. These are those that do not require the same quality controls as the parts that must be in direct contact with patients, as these are already being managed through the business platform.

So far, there are available makers A handle to open doors without the contact of hands (code 3DPT002) of the catalog and, as of today, they also have the file to print the visor for the security screen (code 3DPT020).

The 3D Laboratory of Parc Taulí would like to express its gratitude to the entire maker community of Sabadell and to the City Council for this invaluable collaboration in the fight against COVID-19.

And the door is left open to that makers, and other entities or institutions from other municipalities in our region, can coordinate in the same way to contribute to this project to combat COVID-19.

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