The Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, visited the Parc Taulí to see the spaces that this week will receive new UCI beds

The Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, visited the Parc Taulí to see the spaces that this week will receive new UCI beds 1080 608 Parc Taulí current affairs

The Minister of Health, Alba Vergés, and the Mayor of Sabadell, Marta Farrés, have made a joint visit to Parc Taulí this morning to get to know first hand the enabled spaces that, over the next week, will host new beds. 'ICU with which other hospitals in Catalonia that need this support could be supported. Over the next few days, the institution could multiply by 10 its capacity as ICU beds to care for the most critical patients in the face of the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, Parc Taulí has ​​almost tripled its capacity as ICU beds: of the 31 beds normally assigned to the ICU and Semicritical Unit, with 17 and 14 beds, respectively, it has been expanded to 85 beds. ICUs available at this time. These beds are located in the ICU, Semicritics, Cardiology, Pneumology and Oncology day hospitals, and on the first floor of the Taulí building.

In addition, Parc Taulí has ​​been designated by the Catalan Health Service to launch a large ICU, with a capacity of 217 more beds, which could support hospitals throughout Catalonia if necessary. This new device is located on the two floors of recent construction on the current Emergency Service, where in recent days a major effort has been made to accelerate its adaptation, and also on the 3rd floor of the Santa Fe building , which until recently was a non-care area.

The deployment of these new ICU beds, however, will be done progressively and according to the needs that arise. First of all, earlier this week it is planned to open the first 80 beds on the 2nd floor of the new Gran Via façade building - the one that has been visited today -. In a second phase, in the middle or weekend, another 81 ICU beds could be enabled on the 1st floor of the same building. The 3rd floor of Santa Fe could accommodate another 56 more ICU beds.

During their visit, both the Minister and the Mayor made a very special emphasis on thanking all the professionals at Parc Taulí who, with their professionalism and effort, are making this important deployment of resources possible for give the best possible response in this pandemic situation.

Hospitalization of non-critical or mild COVID patients

Currently, 85% of the hospitalization spaces in Parc Taulí are for COVID patients. In the Taulí building, the only non-COVID spaces are the 3rd floor - with Gynecology and Obstetrics and Pediatrics patients - and the 7th floor - intended for Mental Health hospitalization -. The other non-COVID patients are mostly located in the VII Centenary building, or have been referred to the Quirónsalud del Vallès Hospital and the General Hospital of Catalonia.

Parc Taulí also currently has 198 beds in the Hotel Verdi, where milder COVID patients are being referred, and who meet certain autonomy requirements. The use of this resource is being carried out progressively, and as needed.

At the same time, on April 10, the Vallès-Salut temporary hospital, on the Indoor Athletics Track of Catalonia, in Sant Oleguer, with 210 beds for conventional hospitalization, is scheduled to start operating. +

At Parc Taulí we continue to work tirelessly to give the best response to our patients in the face of this pandemic!


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