Parc Taulí participates in a European project to support the well-being and integration of transgender people victims of violence

Parc Taulí participates in a European project to support the well-being and integration of transgender people victims of violence 1080 469 Parc Taulí current affairs

Parc Taulí, as a reference health center, has been chosen to be part of the European SWITCH project, a project with a holistic approach that supports the well-being and integration of people. This is a project funded by the European Commission under the program "Rights, Equity, Citizenship" in which seven collaborating centers from three countries of the European Union are involved: Italy (Perseo SpA Social enterprise, Paradigm, Research and Psychology of the Onlus community and Local Health Unit of Reggio Emilia) and the Czech Republic (Transparent Zs and Narodni Ustav Dusevniho Zdravi). In Spain, the Fundació Parc Taulí together with the LIPA NET consortium - Mirada Local are leading the project.

The aim of the project focuses on improving the knowledge and awareness of the needs of transgender and intersex people (IT), the health equity of these people as well as raising public awareness on these issues. To achieve this, services will be promoted to adequately care for IT survivors of violence, improving the professional skills of psychiatry, psychology, social work and primary care in general (family medicine, paediatrics…). Professionals who are in contact with IT people will receive different training related to gender identity, as well as more specific topics, in order to properly manage the comprehensive and holistic care of these people.

The professionals at Parc Taulí participating in the SWITCH project are Narcís Cardoner Álvarez, Carme Espelt Anfruns and Ximena Goldberg Hermo, from the research area in Neurosciences and Mental Health. The participation of Parc Taulí in this project promotes a perspective of equality in the training of professionals, having an impact on the experience and assistance received from the population of our area of ​​reference.

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