Parc Taulí, protagonist of the HBO documentary 'Vitals', a journey into the heart of the coronavirus crisis

Parc Taulí, protagonist of the HBO documentary 'Vitals', a journey into the heart of the coronavirus crisis 1080 608 Parc Taulí current affairs

The three-episode documentary series shot at Parc Taulí premieres on February 7 on HBO Spain and the rest of HBO Europe. Composed of three 50-minute episodes, the series has been directed by Fèlix Colomer (Sabadell, 1993) and produced by El Terrat and Forest Film Studios for HBO Europe.

The documentary 'Vital'is an intense, moving and hopeful portrait of life in Parc Taulí during the hardest moments of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. The shocking three-episode series explores the physical and emotional challenges patients and health care providers faced not only in their jobs, but also at home with their families. With this portrait of intimate stories, director Fèlix Colomer reminds us of the exceptional capacity of human beings for love and generosity when faced with the worst of circumstances.

'Vitals' accompanies a group of people affected by the virus during their stay in the hospital and inside their homes, and acts as a witness to their real experiences. The documentary series monitors different patients and health workers at Parc Taulí for several weeks from March to June, during the hardest moments of the first wave. They are not a number, they all have a name.

“Since the COVID-19 crisis began, the political and media class has run over us with data. Every day 500 deaths, 2000 infections, 300 admissions to the ICU, 200 paramedics are needed in the hospital… Numbers. ‘Vitals’ wants to put numbers aside and talk about people. Talk about Alfredo and Matilde, a couple who after 50 years love each other like the first day, understand the incredible dedication of nurses Sílvia and Isa, and explain the struggle of some of our protagonists against an inevitable death. They are vital. Learning from them is vital », explains Fèlix Colomer, creator of the project.

Hanka Kastelicová, VP Documentaries HBO Europe, and executive producer of the project comments: “Director Fèlix Colomer has managed to show the human fragility, but also the immense power of love, family and the professional and personal dedication of health professionals when they have had to face a new and unknown enemy. 'Vitals' offers a deep look at very intimate moments of its protagonists, and will remain forever as an exceptional witness to these difficult times to forget.

These are some of the stories told by 'Vitals'

Alfredo and Matilde are about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary when they suddenly see each other in the hospital. They put them in the same room. Shortly afterwards, she is discharged and has to wait at home for her husband's return, which is becoming more and more serious.

Vanessa, just 34, is admitted to the hospital of which she is a nurse on several occasions. Now it's his role as a patient. With great breathing difficulties and very weak, his only consolation is being able to talk to his partner and see his dog by video call.

Sandra and Naomi are technicians in auxiliary nursing care. They have become accustomed to death. Their friendship is the most important thing they have inside the hospital, it gives them the strength to deal with the daily deaths they suffer at work… and the misunderstanding they sometimes find outside of it.

In addition to showing the situations in the hospital thanks to an accessibility that makes these images something unique, 'Vitals' goes further and crosses its walls and accompanies the toilets to their homes. There he experiences the excitement of encounters with his families and his frustration at seeing that the outside world remains too indifferent. 'Vitals' also documents the relatives of patients witnessing conversations, video calls of the most emotional and painful farewells.

It is a pride for Parc Taulí to have participated in this documentary which shows the great human quality and commitment of our professionals!

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