Marina Benavent, resident in Sabadell Gent Gran, receives the first vaccine against COVID-19 in the Northern Metropolitan Region

Marina Benavent, resident in Sabadell Gent Gran, receives the first vaccine against COVID-19 in the Northern Metropolitan Region 1080 1080 Parc Taulí current affairs

Today, the first doses were given to 124 residents and 41 professionals at the Sabadell Gent Gran center. From Tuesday the vaccines will gradually reach the whole territory.

"I am very happy because the vaccine has arrived and for being the first to receive it." This afternoon, Marina Benavent, an 84-year-old Sabadell resident who was the first person in the Northern Metropolitan Health Region to be vaccinated against COVID-19, was so satisfied. The elderly woman received the dose amid great anticipation in the lobby of the Sabadell Gent Gran residence, where 124 residents and 41 professionals from the center have been vaccinated today. "I want this virus to go away, we don't know where it came from, but it has left a lot of people in the cemetery and a lot of ruined families," said Marina. And worst of all, it has left the country a mess ”.

After Marina Benavent, another resident, Vicenta Vega, 87, and a nurse, Maria Rosa López, 64, a sanitary technician, were vaccinated in front of the cameras. They were accompanied by the delegate of the Government of the Generalitat in Barcelona, ​​Juli Fernández; the manager of the Northern Metropolitan Health Region, Anna Aran; and the director of the Sabadell Gent Gran residence, Sonia Mariscal.

"It's a day to smile," said Juli Fernández. Today we are very happy because we are beginning a process that will allow us to restore the normality of the health system. Vaccines are the way to protect each other; but we must not relax and we must continue to be very attentive to compliance with prevention measures ”.

Anna Aran also stressed the importance of the first day of vaccinations. "All the professionals who are fighting against COVID-19 are very hopeful and convinced that today the great change begins." The territorial manager has assured that, "from Tuesday 29, 5 teams with volunteer professionals will be deployed throughout the territory to vaccinate, in a few days, all the residences of the Metropolitan North".

Sonia Mariscal, director of the Sabadell Gent Gran residence hall, was very pleased with the reception of the vaccine among residents and their families: 90% of the centre's users have signed their consent. "We are confident that community immunity will arrive soon so that we can say goodbye to COVID-19," he said.

Mar Isnard, head of Nursing for the Northern Metropolitan Primary Care at the ICS and spokesperson for the vaccination team, highlighted the logistics and rigor of the procedure. Each team of the 5 that will work in the Metropolitan North is divided into sub-teams of 2 nurses which is the unit that travels to each residence. Each person will receive two doses of the vaccine.

In the Northern Metropolitan Health Region, as in the whole of Catalonia, the first doses will be allocated to people who live and work in residences. Subsequently, and also in the first stage, health and socio-health professionals and dependent people who need major support measures will be vaccinated. The first stage is scheduled to end at Easter.

Press release from the Department of Health (pdf)

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