Parc Taulí is committed to home chemotherapy treatments to improve the quality of life of cancer patients

Parc Taulí is committed to home chemotherapy treatments to improve the quality of life of cancer patients 1000 750 Parc Taulí current affairs

The criterion is to offer it to patients at low risk of complications and with treatments lasting less than 60 minutes, which are between 12 and 14% of the total. The service will be offered from next March, thanks to the coordination of the services of Medical Oncology, Hematology, Pharmacy and Home Hospitalization. The Oncology Service is preparing for the forecast of an increase in oncology patients, following the 24% drop in new diagnoses in the last year.

Oncology patients at Parc Taulí who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, and who meet the criteria of having a low risk of complications and with scheduled sessions lasting less than 60 minutes, will be able to enjoy the service of home chemotherapy, which is beginning to be offered thanks to the close coordination of the Medical Oncology, Hematology, Pharmacy and Home Hospitalization services.

The nurses of the Home Hospitalization team will be the care referrals who will take the medication prepared directly from the hospital pharmacy, and who will stay by the patient's side for the entire duration of the treatment. At present, it is expected to start with about 180 monthly treatments, which are between 12 and 14% of all chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatments performed at the Oncology Day Hospital.

Forecast to perform 5.000 oncological and hematological procedures at home

This, however, is not the first collaboration between these services. Since June, Home Hospitalization nurses have been collaborating with Oncology by removing home infusion pumps (for the administration of intravenous medication) that have come to the hospital 48 hours earlier. · Place patients in the hospital itself. Thus, between chemotherapy treatments and the removal of infusion pumps, the forecast is to perform about 5.000 oncology and hematology procedures at home each year.

The director of the Medical Oncology Service, Miquel Àngel Seguí, emphasizes that with this new service there is the aim of "improving the comfort and quality of life of patients and their companions", given the inconvenience it means for everyone. having to move to hospital facilities “to do things that can be done perfectly, and safely, at home”. In this commitment, Parc Taulí has ​​the support of the biopharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb, which finances part of the implementation of the program.

Prepared for the forecast of an increase in cancer patients in the post-pandemic

Seguí also points out that, thanks to the spaces that will now be freed up with this program at the Oncology Day Hospital, “the capacity of the Service will also be expanded to be able to respond to the increase in cancer patients that is expected. to receive when the worst of the pandemic has passed ”. And it is that in the Parc Taulí, in the line of the data registered in the rest of Catalan hospitals and of the State, the last year has noticed an important descent in the number of new cases of cancer: along 2020 1.250 new diagnoses have been made, 24% less than the 1.805 recorded in the previous year.

"We must activate all the circuits that are in our hands to promote rapid diagnosis and give the best response to all those patients who have been stopping coming to the hospital in recent months, in the face of the feeling that they could not access the health system ”, points out Miquel Àngel Seguí.


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