The Mixed Unit 'Artificial Intelligence applied to Nephrology' is created, made up of professionals from Parc Taulí and the UAB School of Engineering

The Mixed Unit 'Artificial Intelligence applied to Nephrology' is created, made up of professionals from Parc Taulí and the UAB School of Engineering 1024 576 Parc Taulí current affairs

The UAB Research Committee has approved the constitution of the Mixed Artificial Intelligence Unit applied to Nephrology, in which the A9G4 research group of Clinical, Interventional and Computational Nephrology led by Dr. José Ibeas and the Wireless Information Networking group of the UAB School of Engineering led by Professor Javier Serrano.

As a result of the collaboration between the two groups, several lines of research, innovation and teaching have been generated in the last 5 years. The main objectives are the development of predictive models based on computer simulation and artificial intelligence of the failure of vascular access of patients on hemodialysis, as well as predictive models in the progression of chronic renal failure and the appearance of cardiovascular complications. and mortality, or sepsis in the critically ill patient or mortality in the critically ill patient with acute renal failure.

On the other hand, one has been launched with great success Master in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Health which begins this year the second edition.

Collaborative work with university groups brings basic research closer to theParc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) and evolve it into results applicable to our patients. Congratulations to Dr. Ibeas for this initiative and we want it to bring progress and impact results.

The I3PT already has a first experience with the creation of the Mixed Neurosciences Unit created in 2017, collaborating in national and European projects and already accumulating almost 10 publications in common with the UAB group. We now have the Artificial Intelligence applied to Nephrology and we hope it will be a model for other research groups of the Institute for project development capabilities that allows collaborative research.

Collaborative research is key to driving impact research projects. The creation of mixed units between the I3PT and the UAB makes it possible to bring basic research closer to clinical research, thus facilitating its evolution to results applicable to our patients.

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