Parc Taulí is developing a guide to promote a holistic approach to transgender people

Parc Taulí is developing a guide to promote a holistic approach to transgender people 1080 486 Parc Taulí current affairs

The guide is aimed at health professionals to accompany them in the care process. This is one of the actions of the European SWITCH project that supports the well-being and integration of transgender and intersex people.

The participation of Parc Taulí, as a partner in the SWITCH project, with Narcís Cardoner, Carme Espelt and Ximena Goldberg, from the research area in Neurosciences and Mental Health, promotes a perspective of equality in the training of professionals, affecting the experience and assistance received from the population of our area of ​​reference. This guide seeks to answer the questions of health professionals about how to relate to transgender and intersex people with the goal of leaving transphobia behind.

This work arises from the very questions or unknowns that health professionals asked the project team, and which have been answered by transgender people. In a complementary but basic way at the same time, there is a space with definitions of terms related to gender and sex that are essential to take into account.

The intention of the authors is to reach as many professional people who are in contact with transgender and intersex people as possible. For this reason, and to begin with, the dissemination is being managed in the Primary Care Centers of the Vallès Occidental.

The address is open to all professionals who want to receive more information. The SWITCH project team will offer online training to accompany the guide, with specific resources for those who need it.

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