Installation of a photovoltaic solar plant in the new Taulí building

Installation of a photovoltaic solar plant in the new Taulí building 1024 576 Parc Taulí current affairs

The installation will be carried out on the roof of the new Taulí building, with a solar catchment area of ​​about 316 m2. The plant will have a total power of 56.9 kwp, with an annual production of 82.922 kwh / year. 158 2 m photovoltaic panels will be installed2 of surface each and oriented to the south for its maximum production.

Within the framework of the CCSPT's Corporate Social Responsibility and, within it, its approved environmental policy, it is stated that we must "make responsible use of natural resources as well as any material used". For this reason and others of respect for the environment and society in general, Parc Taulí will launch a solar photovoltaic plant at the end of next July.

It will work in self-consumption mode, ie all the energy produced will be consumed at the corporate level, in this case for proximity and resource optimization, for the engine room of the new Tauli building. One has been secured payback of 5,2 years, which means that in that time the cost of the investment will already be financed with the money saved for production.

As strong points of this typology of installation, it is necessary to remark that the solar panels have a guarantee of 25 years with a quite high performance and with a very low operative maintenance. The annual production of the plant represents approximately 8% of the consumption of the new Taulí. With the proposed installation are reduced around 82.922 kwh / year, which is equivalent to an emission into the atmosphere of 33 tons of COannual. This reduction in CO2 produced is equivalent to about 12 hectares of planted trees and an approximate extension of 17 football fields.

We open the doors of Parc Taulí to the sustainable future

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  • Paqui Prats Traveria

    Excellent commitment to the environment and to a cleaner and greener society. Delighted that Parc Taulí is going in this direction. I hope that progress will be made on environmental projects to improve people’s well-being.

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