The Breast Pathology Unit of Parc Taulí launches an information website on breast cancer

The Breast Pathology Unit of Parc Taulí launches an information website on breast cancer 1080 475 Parc Taulí current affairs

The new website is structured in several sections in order to provide practical information on breast pathology, especially focused on breast cancer, its diagnosis, the different treatments, the care devices required, as well as tools for breast cancer. emotional approach to the disease, among other things.

The Parc Taulí Breast Pathology Unit is a long-distance multidisciplinary unit that works to offer patients quality, decisive and comprehensive health care from the diagnosis of the pathology, always taking into account their individual needs and respecting their decisions throughout the process.

The areas and services that make it up are: Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Diagnostic Imaging, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Clinical Genetics, Nursing, Nuclear Medicine, Oncology, Radiotherapy, Pathology, Psychology and Social Work. This team meets weekly to plan a more personalized treatment of the different cases.

The new website also includes information of interest such as informative guides, emotional counseling, videos on aesthetic aspects related to the disease, links of interest, psychological support guidelines, etc.

The coordinator of the Breast Pathology Unit, Miquel Àngel Seguí, emphasizes that the aim of this website is to “organize all the information related mainly to breast cancer and its approach to Parc Taulí in order to offer understandable content. and close to the patients who receive this type of diagnosis ”.

Access the website of the Breast Pathology Unit

Link to the Parc Taulí hospital website

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