'What has COVID-19 left us?', By Dr. Manel Cervantes and Dra. Amàlia Moreno, at the next Café Científic in Sabadell

'What has COVID-19 left us?', By Dr. Manel Cervantes and Dra. Amàlia Moreno, at the next Café Científic in Sabadell 1080 505 Parc Taulí current affairs

Next Tuesday, June 15 at 19 pm, the Scientific Café “What has COVID-19 left us?” Will be held, by Dr. Manel Cervantes, Infectious Diseases Specialist, Chairman of the Infections Committee and coordinator of the Post-COVID Functional Unit of Parc Taulí, and Dra. Amàlia Moreno, specialist in Pulmonology and member of the same Unit.

When it has been 16 months since the outbreak of the pandemic that changed our lives, the two specialists will give us a look at everything that the Covid-19 has left us, based on their vision and experience. Both will offer us their answers to the most common questions they encounter regarding the approach to post-Covid-19 sequelae, and to those that participants may raise in a relaxed, conversational environment: do we refer to post-COVID sequels ?, What are the most common unexpected sequelae, and how can we address them ?, What are the serious unintended sequelae, and what can we do about them? What is the entrance door for patients to the Post Covid Functional Unit in Parc Taulí? At what point can we place expectations? What are we learning from this pandemic?

Due to the current health situation, this year the Scientific Cafés are held by electronic means at the following link:

Access to Scientific Cafés

Link to Google Meet

This talk is part of the cycle of Scientific Cafés of this 2021 in Sabadell, a set of informal sessions organized by eight entities in the city dedicated to research and dissemination.

Sabadell scientific coffees 2021

The Catalan Institute of Paleontology Miquel Crusafont (ICP), the Association for the Defense and Study of Nature (ADENC), the Astronomical Association of Sabadell, the Bosch i Cardellach Foundation, the Parc Taulí Health Corporation, La Ruda friends of Can Deu for organic farming and the Sabadell Hiking Union (UES) and the Academy of Medical Sciences begin this February the ninth edition of the Scientific Cafés program in Sabadell.

Although last year's calendar was altered by the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19, the public success of previous editions and the desire to consolidate this cycle in the city has led the organizing entities to repeat the initiative one more year.

The Scientific Cafés are a science outreach event held in many parts of the world that aims to stimulate conversation and critical thinking, debate, interact and dialogue outside the academic environment. The Scientific Coffees Sabadell are attached from the first edition of the international network of scientists Cafes.

Calendar of upcoming Cafés

'A social look at complex chronic disease'. By Ester Cortés and Ruth Muñoz, social workers.

September 21 - Vallès Occidental Branch. Academy of Medical Sciences.

Social Work is a little known profession but expert in providing support and accompaniment in these fragile times. How do we do it? How do we accompany? How do we help? Let's talk!

'Management and conservation of biodiversity in Parc Catalunya'. By Joan Cuscó, Environmental Biologist.

October 26 - Association for the Defense and Study of Nature (ADENC)

It is becoming increasingly clear that in cities, parks and green areas are essential to improve the quality of life of their population. But how to manage these spaces to enhance their biodiversity and make them more sustainable? A study and a management proposal have been carried out at Parc Catalunya in Sabadell in order to improve it from an ecological point of view.

'Life in the Solar System'. By Albert Morral, AAS Scientific Director.

November 23 - The Astronomical of Sabadell

We may not be alone in our Solar System as there are several stars where the possibility of life is not zero. We cannot rule out life on the two planets closest to us: Venus and Mars; and there are several favorable or suspicious satellites for life: Europe, Titan, Enceladus, and Triton.

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