Parc Taulí opens a plant with 158 photovoltaic panels for self-consumption

Parc Taulí opens a plant with 158 photovoltaic panels for self-consumption 1080 729 Parc Taulí current affairs

The Parc Taulí has launched a few days ago, on the roof of the new Taulí building, the first installation of photovoltaic panels of the institution for self-consumption and which will produce approximately 8% of the current electricity needs of the new Taulí building.

The facility has a solar catchment area of ​​about 316 m2, with 158 photovoltaic panels of two square meters of surface each, oriented to the south for his maximum production. The plant has a total power of 56.9 kwp, with an annual production of 82.922 kwh / year, which would be equivalent to the production needed to cover the consumption of 25 homes per year (based on the data that the average consumption of a household per year is 3.272 kwh / year).

The energy that is no longer consumed from the electricity grid thanks to this installation is equivalent to a reduction in emissions into the atmosphere of 33 tons of COannual, which would require about 12 hectares of planted trees (17 football fields).

As strengths of this type of installation is noteworthy that the solar panels have a warranty of 25 years, with a fairly high performance and very low operational maintenance. The institution has also secured a pay-back of 5,2 years, which means that by this time the cost of the investment will already be financed with the money saved for production.

With this installation, we continue to work within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility of Parc Taulí and, within it, in the environmental policy that expresses that we must make “a responsible use of natural resources, as well as any material used ”.

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