Work begins on the Ripoll building for the extension and modernization of Parc Taulí

Work begins on the Ripoll building for the extension and modernization of Parc Taulí 1080 720 Parc Taulí current affairs

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 2, the start will be given to the works for the construction of the new Ripoll building of the Parc Taulí in Sabadell, which involves an investment of 20 million euros (15,54 M € corresponding to the project and work; € 4,5 million in equipment), approximately.

It will be located in the northern part of the Parc Taulí in Sabadell, behind the building that houses the hospitalization (Edifici Taulí) and facing the river Ripoll. The site is currently partially occupied by a nave that is part of the Santa Fe building and will be demolished.

The construction of the new building is part of the hospital's expansion and modernization project to address the COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic. It will have 6.000 m2, of which about 4.000 m2 will be used to host healthcare services and about 2.000 m2 for general services, facilities, logistics, etc.

The building will consist of four floors above ground (plus a technical floor) and an underground semi-ground floor. It will be connected to the Taulí Building via a three-height connecting bridge, connecting the first, second and third floors at the same time. The ground floor will not be connected to the existing building in order to release the plant in contact with the ground, while the semi-basement floor will be reconnected through the service tunnel that connects the entire Health Park.

In the basement and ground floor will be located the connection gallery, facilities, access for people, changing rooms and support areas. The first floor will house a multipurpose ICU, adaptable in different configurations according to care needs. The second and third floors will house hospitalization units. Finally, the fourth floor will be the technical floor where the main facilities of the building will be concentrated.

The project has been awarded to the Temporary Union of Companies (UTE) formed by the companies UTE Calaf, Serom and Cimelsa, the architectural teams Sanabria & Planas Gallego Arquitectos, SLP and Benéitez Arquitectos, SLP and the engineers ZYR Ingenieros and AIA Architecture and Facilities.

Preliminary work ─closures in the area, demolition and earthworks, and foundation─ will begin tomorrow, September 2, and will affect some services in the hospital, such as the Technical Office for Cancer Screening or Occupational Health, and in some parking spaces for professionals, which will be relocated.

An execution period of 26 weeks is expected for the works and about 8 weeks for the equipment and commissioning.

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