The Neurosurgery Service at Parc Taulí is consolidating its own service 

The Neurosurgery Service at Parc Taulí is consolidating its own service  1080 810 Parc Taulí current affairs

The Parc Taulí Neurosurgery Service began operating autonomously on 1 June. Until then, neurosurgical care was carried out in coordination with Mútua Terrassa.

The Service offers complex neurosurgical procedures, which include the most advanced techniques, and provides coverage to the citizens of the Vallès Occidental Est (8 municipalities).

The team of the Neurosurgery Service, coordinated for six months by the Dr. Eva Cardona, is made up of a total of five full-time neurosurgeons, plus two other professionals on duty. It also has specialized nursing staff, a leading physician in intensive care for neurocritical patients and a neuroanesthesia team, which includes a pediatric neuroanesthetist.

The main pathologies addressed include tumor pathology (cranial and spinal), polytraumatic cases, degenerative pathology of the spine, hydrocephalus, pathology of cerebrospinal fluid circulation, pediatric neurosurgery and vascular neurosurgery.

For all this, they work closely with other hospital services, such as maxillofacial surgery, for cases of severe craniofacial malformations (complex craniosynostosis), the interventional neuroradiology service, for cases of vascular neurosurgery, or the spinal pathology unit, among others. Also noteworthy is the collaboration with the 3D Laboratory for Surgical Planning, from where they have already made three custom cranial prostheses.

Parc Taulí is already a reference center for vascular neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery and a reference hospital for polytraumatized patients.

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