Three graduates of the Parc Taulí teaching unit receive the Extraordinary Degree in Medicine awarded by the UAB

Three graduates of the Parc Taulí teaching unit receive the Extraordinary Degree in Medicine awarded by the UAB 1080 810 Parc Taulí current affairs

The three winners of this award are Julia Clavijo, Marc Calls and Ricard Onieva. This is a recognition given each year to the best academic records among graduates of all the Teaching Units of Medicine at the UAB (Vall d'Hebron, Can Ruti, Sant Pau and Parc Taulí).

We are especially proud that, of the seven awards given this year (among the 341 graduates in the 2020/2021 academic year), three of them have been awarded to graduates of Parc Taulí.

The academic event, which took place in Bellaterra, was chaired by the Vice-Rector for Students and Employability, Anabel Galán, and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Vicenç Fonollosa. It was also attended by Dr. Salvador Navarro, former coordinator of the teaching unit of Parc Taulí and current coordinator of the Degree in Medicine, and Dra. Ma. Rosa Bella, current coordinator of the Parc Taulí teaching unit. Both were sponsors of the promotion of Julia, Marc and Ricard, who are now preparing for the next call for the MIR exam.

Per Ma. Rosa Bella, this recognition is "a great joy to see once again that we have very hard-working students, with a lot of merit, and a lot of pride for the whole teaching unit, for having contributed to their training."

UAB medical students carry out the first two years of their degree at the Faculty of the Faculty, in Bellaterra, and from the third year onwards they choose one of the different linked hospital teaching units to continue and complete their undergraduate studies. . Parc Taulí is currently assigned 18% of the total number of medical students in this faculty.

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