Two of the medical graduates of Parc Taulí, among the best marks of the MIR exam in the whole state

Two of the medical graduates of Parc Taulí, among the best marks of the MIR exam in the whole state 1080 518 Parc Taulí current affairs

The final grades have been announced these days, and two of the graduates of the last promotion of Parc Taulí have obtained two of the 100 best marks among the more than 13.000 doctors presented in the last exam, which was held on the 29th of January simultaneously across the state. These are Ricard Onieva Carvajo, who has obtained the 36th best mark, and Daniel Garcia Sance, with a mark that has been in the 94th position.

We cannot be more proud of our medical students at the Parc Taulí (UAB) teaching unit for the excellent results they have obtained in the last MIR call. But that's not all: 35% of the 52 graduates in 2021 have obtained one of the first 2.000 best grades, and 75% have achieved one of the 4.000 best grades, out of 13.000.

A total of 62 graduates from Parc Taulí took part in the last call (52 from the last promotion and 10 from previous promotions), with 95% passing.

The MIR exam is the test required of medical graduates to gain access to a position as a doctor specializing in training in the National Health System.

Congratulations to all and sundry for all the effort involved in getting here. And many congratulations also to the entire teaching staff, most of whom are professionals from Parc Taulí, for their necessary contribution to these excellent results.

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