Dr. Manel Cervantes at the time of receiving the Sabadell Award of the Year 2021. Photo: Juanma Peláez

Dr. Manel Cervantes wins the Sabadell Prize of the Year on behalf of health professionals

Dr. Manel Cervantes wins the Sabadell Prize of the Year on behalf of health professionals 1000 456 Parc Taulí current affairs

El Sabadell Award of the Year is an initiative driven by the digital newspaper iSabadell which highlights very diverse disciplines and merits, but which share two key criteria: the city and excellence. The public, by popular vote, has chosen who deserves this recognition and in this first edition the winner has been the head of Infectious Diseases of the Parc Taulí, Manuel Cervantes. The other finalists were Paralympic swimmer Òscar Salguero, water polo player Maica García, writer Montse Barderi and singer Sergio Dalma.

The Teatre Principal hosted the award ceremony with an audience full of spectators. In the award ceremony, Dr. Cervantes emphasized highlighting the recognition of the entire healthcare community: "If I'm here it's because I've been part of a team, specifically Taulí, but we could expand to the entire health team in the city, in times of fear". Cervantes also highlighted the merits of the four finalists for this award and thanked his family for their support.

Many thanks to everyone who voted for Dr. Cervantes to receive this well-deserved recognition!

Video dthe speech of Dr. M. Cervantes

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