Salut deploys the management of hospital discharges after the success of the pilot test developed in Parc Taulí

Salut deploys the management of hospital discharges after the success of the pilot test developed in Parc Taulí 1024 506 Parc Taulí current affairs

The Tauli Park started last February the pilot test for the management of temporary disabilities (IT) for hospital admission. This two-month pilot test is part of the framework for the Plan for the Strengthening and Transformation of Primary and Community Care, and has been designed from Parc Taulí in collaboration with Primary Care.

The Department of Health presented at a press conference yesterday the deployment of the management of temporary disabilities (IT) generated by hospital admission from the hospital itself, with the aim of debureaucratizing the management of IT in primary care. The measure was announced yesterday by the Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, who emphasized that this is a "pioneering, automated initiative that makes life easier". The press conference was attended by the director of Patient Management and Citizen Care at Parc Taulí, Pilar Doretto, and the director of Digital Organization, Anna Benavent.

The management of temporary disabilities is carried out by the administrative staff of Patient Management through a web application designed by the Directorate of Digital Organization. This procedure does not involve any additional work for the healthcare staff, although the incapacity sent will include the name of the referring doctor for patient care. During the three months of pilot testing at Parc Taulí Hospital, more than 400 ITs were generated from the hospital and 66 first releases, also generated automatically from the hospital.

Pilar Doretto stressed at the press conference that “the pilot test has ended with a positive assessment by professionals and the public ". The pilot test was carried out with a casualty management platform developed by the Digital Organization Department of Parc Taulí, as a reference hospital in the area, and involved the Primary and Community Care of 19 care teams. Primary School, the Hospital itself, the ICAM and the Catalan Health Service. In this sense, Anna Benavent points out that "The platform can be deployed and integrated into healthcare center information systems because it is designed to be scalable, interoperable, and free of cost." The deployment will be implemented in 57 hospitals and will be integrated into 22 different information systems.

Press release from the Ministry of Health

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