10 Sahrawi children go to Parc Taulí for a medical check-up as part of the "Holidays in Peace" project by the Vallès Wilaia Association

10 Sahrawi children go to Parc Taulí for a medical check-up as part of the "Holidays in Peace" project by the Vallès Wilaia Association 1080 748 Parc Taulí current affairs

Yesterday, July 28, the children who arrived from the Western Sahara, thanks to the "Vacances en Pau" project organized by the Vallès Wilaia Association, went to the hospital for a medical examination at the Pediatric External Consultations.

Accompanied by Eva Mora, a worker of the association, and other members, the children have received the mandatory medical examination established within the project organized by the association in coordination with the Catalan Health Service. They have been given a complete basic check-up and, those who have needed it, have been provided with specialized help, such as genetics or cardiology. The most common conditions include intestinal parasites, tooth decay, lice and malnutrition problems.

Since 2004, the Association, together with the Ministry of Youth, has made possible the realization of the "Vacances en Pau" project. It is organized every year during the months of July and August, but had been paralyzed by the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. After two years, this reception program for 8-year-old boys and girls living in Refugee Camps in Western Sahara has been launched again. The aim is to alleviate the situation of Sahrawi children and their families, especially in the summer, when temperatures reach 60 degrees and the basic needs of food and healthcare are not adequately covered.

Safia, Fatma, Aicha, Hleila, Chej, Mohamed, Lehsen, Aicha, Hassan, Fadua and Galia, are 10 of the more than 300 children who arrived in Catalonia by air. On arrival, they are distributed throughout the Catalan territory and the Balearic Islands. For two months, they will live with a host family who will provide them with an opportunity to live new experiences, a new culture and a very different society from the one they live in every day. As part of the welcome program, the association organizes one activity a week during the months of July and August, on a timely basis, since most families go on vacation. They carry out excursions to the Fire Department, to the Parc de Catalunya en Miniatura, a visit to Camp Nou, an excursion to the municipal swimming pool, etc.

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