A nurse from CAP Can Rull vaccinates a resident of Sabadell Gent Gran

Vaccination campaign against COVID and flu begins in Sabadell Gent Gran

Vaccination campaign against COVID and flu begins in Sabadell Gent Gran 1080 608 Parc Taulí current affairs

Dolores Martí, 87, Pepita Parareda, 89, and Lucrecia Quesada, 81, were the first three residents of Sabadell Gent Gran Center de Serveis to receive the vaccines of the campaign against COVID yesterday afternoon -19 and against this autumn's flu, a few hours after the start of the campaign that has been headed, from L'Hospitalet, by the Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, and the Secretary of Public Health, Carmen Cabezas .

Primary care teams throughout the territory started the campaign yesterday in homes for the elderly (residents and professionals) and those over 80 years old. Soon, it will also be open to those over 60 and the rest of the population with criteria to receive the vaccine against COVID, the flu or both, but it will be the Department of Health who will determine the date from which these the latter groups will be able to request a date and time from their reference centers through the usual channels.

In Sabadell Gent Gran, the vaccinations have been administered by the team of reference nurses from CAP Can Rull, who were expected to vaccinate around 145 people throughout the afternoon.

More information: Press release from the Ministry of Health

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