Anna Aran. Photo: Department of Health

The Taulí of Governors of Parc Taulí appoints Anna Aran as the new general manager due to the retirement of Joan Martí

The Taulí of Governors of Parc Taulí appoints Anna Aran as the new general manager due to the retirement of Joan Martí 746 398 Parc Taulí current affairs

The Taulí of Governors of Parc Taulí, in its session held today, Wednesday, September 28, has approved the appointment of the new general manager, Dra. Anna Aran, who takes over from Dr. Joan Martí on the occasion of his retirement on October 16.

Dr. Martí has ​​been general director of our institution since October 2014. He was also, for nearly ten years, the executive director of the Sabadell Hospital before assuming the General Management. Previously, he held other managerial positions at CatSalut and the Catalan Health Institute (ICS). During the years 1988-1993 he was the director of the DAP of Sabadell (1988-1993) and, subsequently, until 1998 the director of the Health Sector of Vallès Occidental of CatSalut.

The new director general of Parc Taulí, Anna Aran, has a degree in Medicine from the University of Lleida and is a specialist in family and community medicine. Among his specialized training, he has a master's degree in management of healthcare institutions and a postgraduate degree in quality management of primary health care. Since June 2019, Dr. Aran has served as manager of the Health Region of Barcelona, ​​assuming the functions of the North Metropolitan Area of ​​the Catalan Health Service (CatSalut) replacing Lluís Franch. Dr. Aran will join the General Management of Parc Taulí on October 17.

The Governing Council expressed its gratitude to Dr. Joan Martí for all these years of service at Parc Taulí.

  • Antonio Manzanares and Orpi

    Undoubtedly a great Director General, he has contributed a lot to the modernization of the Parc Taulí Hospital, both in Medicine and in IT advances, making Parc Taulí a great reference hospital worldwide. Thank you Dr. Martí, We wish from the FADAM Association, that Retirement be another step in your life to enjoy life and live it for you and yours, Thank you Dr. Martin,
    Antonio Manzanares and Orpi.
    President of the FADAM Association

  • Montserrat forest

    An era of Tauli is over, I hope that the new stage will be fruitful. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be able to share my tasks with you, Dr. Marti. May you have a long and peaceful retirement for many years to come

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