Dr. Víctor Martínez González has joined Parc Taulí as director of the new Center for Genomic Medicine

Dr. Víctor Martínez González has joined Parc Taulí as director of the new Center for Genomic Medicine 1080 577 Parc Taulí current affairs

Dr. Martínez is a clinical geneticist and researcher in genomic medicine and rare diseases. Degree in Medicine from the Universidad del Rosario de Bogotá (Colombia), clinical geneticist from the Universidad de Alcalá and Hospital Ramon y Cajal de Madrid, and doctorate in genetics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Until his incorporation this week at Parc Taulí, he has developed his professional career as head of the Section of the Institute of Medical and Molecular Genetics (INGEMM) of the La Paz University Hospital in Madrid and the Biomedical Research Center in Rare Diseases Network (CIBERER).

The new Center for Genomic Medicine that he directs ​​the Dr. Marchínez is born with the purpose of coordinating the benefitó hospitalària de la medicine genòlittle The Center to useà the experienceència clínica together with the power of genomic data to deliver improvements in prevention, diagnosis and precision therapies. It will enhance different medical and diagnostic specialties and services already available and promote clinical and laboratory genetics, genetic counseling, molecular pathology, pharmacogenetics, bioinformatics and artificial intelligence. It is a bet by the institution to consolidate itself in this reality emerging understanding of genomics-based healthcare.

Dr. Martínez points out that "Parc Taulí already starts from a solid base for genomic medicine. As an example, it is a center of reference for minority diseases, it has an excellent genetics laboratory and a clinical genetics activity consolidated for thirty years, it has a hereditary cancer consultation, with an experienced molecular pathology team, or a cutting-edge oncology, among many others. It's about promoting and integrating all these areas, complementing it with the I3PT and with training and teaching, to offer an improvement in healthcare based on genomics".

Welcome to Parc Taulí and good luck in this new stage!

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