Dr. Manuela Iglesias assumes the coordination of the Thoracic Surgery Service

Dr. Manuela Iglesias assumes the coordination of the Thoracic Surgery Service 1000 533 Parc Taulí current affairs

Dr. Manuela churches last June she was appointed coordinator of the Thoracic Surgery Service at Parc Taulí, coinciding with the end of the service provision agreement with Mutual Terrace. In this way, the Service is consolidated as part of Parc Taulí and as a pioneering center in the approach to robotic thoracic surgery in Vallès.

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the UAB, Dra. Iglesias completed his thoracic surgery residency at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. From 2005 to 2007 she was linked to the Hospital Clínic as an assistant doctor and as a researcher in an extracorporeal circulation project. Three papers from this research were published in international presentations.

In 2007, she was hired by the Terrassa Mutual Hospital to provide services to Parc Taulí in the area of ​​thoracic surgery, through an agreement between the two institutions that ended last June. From this date, Dra. Iglesias is a professional at Parc Taulí, acting as coordinator of the Thoracic Surgery Service. The Service has two more professionals: Dra. Rudith Guzmán and Dr. David Sanchez

The Thoracic Surgery Service addresses the following pathologies:

  • Lung neoplasia, both complex and conventional cases
  • The staging of the mediastinum by means of mediastinoscopy, which is the study of lung cancer to establish whether a patient is a candidate for surgery to have the best survival results.

These lung cancer pathologies are addressed at Parc Taulí, practically in their entirety, with robotic surgery.

  • Pathology of the mediastinum: mainly mediastinal tumors (thymoma).
  • Benign pathology: mainly the sympathectomy (hyperhidrosis surgery or excessive palmar and axillary sweating). Surgery is also performed for pneumothorax and chest wall malformations.
  • It should be noted that the Airway pathology surgery which until now was referred to the Can Ruti hospital and which will now also be taken over at Parc Taulí as the only hospital in Vallès to practice it. This is mainly tracheal stenosis, either due to a localized lesion (tracheal resection), or due to endoscopic laser procedures in the case of palliative patients.
  • Support for the polytrauma patient. 90% of polytrauma patients who leave semi-critical care undergo thoracic surgery due to the new surgical criteria, as is the case of rib fixation, a method that favors the rapid incorporation into daily life of patients with rib fractures .

In terms of activity, the Service performs an average of 120 annual interventions, of these about 60 are cases of lung neoplasia. 75% of lung cancer surgery is done by robotic surgery. These procedures bring greater comfort to the patient, due to the fact that it is a less invasive surgery and due to the reduction of the hospital stay from one week to three days of admission.

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